Our Mission Statement


We, the family of believers of Saint George Parish, having been called to God through baptism as a parish community, seek to develop a greater awareness of our mission as the people of God. Accepting this challenge and realizing that each of us has been called and gifted by the Lord, we envision our Parish to:

PROCLAIM the desire to renew ourselves through fervernt prayer and allow the roots of our faith to be revitalized by the Word of the Lord, frequent reception of the Eucharist and a firm commitment of service to God's people. 

EVANGELIZE with a renewed energy to live, proclaim, and spread the Gospel message of love, forgivenss and healing.

RECOGNIZE the need to rebuild and restore the bonds of peace and love in Christina family life.

GIVE special attention to our youth enabling them to respond to their role as the future leaders of the Church.

PROMOTE educaton of all ages enabling each person to deepen his or her faith.

RESPOND to God's call to be responsible stewards by using our individual gifts to eliminate social injustice and alienation.

We will stirve to love one another; to worhsip together in Spirit and Truth and to be the Light of Christ to all we meet. In all of this, we ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the intercession of Mary, Our Mother.