We are edified and humbled to have experienced the incredible outpouring of zeal and love for our Lord, Jesus Christ, that was witnessed when over 100 volunteers joined us for Evangelization Weekend on Saturday, October 18, 2014 here at St. George Parish. Empowered by the gifts of the Holy Spirit, volunteers of all ages, from young children to seniors alike, gathered for this historic event. These volunteers gave up their Saturday morning and afternoon to come and give witness to the "new" St. George Parish Community. The purpose of this day was to help lead those who have been away from the Church back home, those who may be searching for spirituality in their life an new option to consider, and those who are not aware that St. George Parish is still alive and well, a renewed hope and a sense of community. Volunteers were received well and came across many who were glad to see "the Catholics" going door to door to proclaim the "Good News" of the gospel. We encountered people who were just in need of a listening ear and who were delighted to have someone to talk to about God. We encountered people who were in need of a special prayer intention, people of other faiths who were encouraged by this outreach, people who did not realize St. George was their parish, and new residents to the area who decided to register at St. George Parish. Our registered parishioners were also paid a visit and "cheered us on." Some were practicing and supported our efforts, others were not coming to church for various reasons and were in need of a specific prayer intention or follow up call. Volunteers also encoutered people who came up to them in the street, some who were homeless, some who were not practicing any faith at all, curious about what this day was all about expressing a need for some spiritual direction. 

     The day began with the recitation of the Holy Rosary at 7:30 AM in St. George Church. Mass was then celebrated, with our guest and main celebrant, Revered Stephen DeLacy, Director of Vocations at St. Charles Seminary in Bala Cynwyd. (Father DeLacy was born and raised in St. George Parish.) Father was jonied by our Pastor, Revered Leo P. Oswald and our Parochial Vicar, Reverend Ignatius Marneni. Mass was followed by Registration and Breakfast in our Parish Hall where handouts for the day were distributed and instructions were reviewed. Door to Door visits took place from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 

   Volunteers then gathered at Monsignor Bonner and Archbishop Prendergast cafeteria for lunch, gathering of materials, and closing prayer. Many volunteers gave a personal witness to some of their experiences and shared some highlights of their days efforts. It was quite evident by some of the stories they shared with us that there is still a great need for continued evangelization. Many people are struggling to come to terms with their faith, to recognize God working in their lives, and some hold resentment or concerns over past hurts and bad experiences in their life that led them away from the Church. We are pleased to report that a total of 1,421 homes were visited with 647 persons contacted in 539 of those homes!

     And so, we recognize, now more than ever, when there is so much uncertainty, doubt and hopelessness in our world, that the need for evangelization has never been stronger. We want to continue to let people know that St. George Parish Community is alive and well, that we are here for you, and that we, guided by the Holy Spirit, will do everything within our means to reach out to those who may be lost, brokenhearted, grieving, in need of compassion, in need of the sacraments, or who perhaps may need a meal, direction in getting some temporary assistance or just a friendly ear, in the hope that we will continue to grow, prosper, and led others to Christ for many years to come. 

    To view some of the photographs from our Parish Evangelization day, please click here. EvangelizationDay14.




Evangelization is the Church's deepest identity.  Evangelization brings the good news of the Gospel to all who seek the life-giving message of faith in Jesus Christ.  

Catechesis nourishes, forms and deepens the faith one receives through the ministry of the Church. 

Stewardship is an expression of discipleship rooted in a personal relationship with Christ. Good stewards generously share their gifts and blessings with others for the sake of the Kingdom.

The Church is missionary by her very nature. Her mission is to proclaim the salvation of Christ to the ends of the earth. As teachers and pastors, we bishops are responsible for promoting Catholic world missions in the United States. 


Each one of us in virtue of our baptism is called to live our faith and to bear witness to the Gospel.


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